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Cargo carrier rack with optional catwalk Transit ladder rack & roof-rail kit

The optional Catwalk is shown in the above photo. The catwalk is usually center mounted, but it can be mounted off to the side if desired.

Catwalk is 11.75  inches wide  and ships UPS in 2 sections which bolt together.

10 ft catwalk 485.00  1121
12 ft catwalk 485.00  

14 ft catwalk (actual length 10.5 ft) 485.00  1121

Cargo carrier rack on Transit van

Depending on what length Transit you own, there is a proper length roof rack to fit. See the chart below to determine the right rack and roof-rail kit.

The stainless steel rear door ladder is mounted to the left rear door with only 2 screws. Specify what height Transit you own.

Mid roof ladder: 349.00

High roof ladder: 359.00

Roof track kit bolts to the Transit roof. This enables the installation of cargo carrier rack.

The first step in installing a roof rack like ours requires mounting a set of roof rails on your Transit. The rails bolt to existing threaded holes in the Transit’s roof.  The video at the bottom of this page shows how this is properly done. To order a rail kit or ladder rack, you will need to specify what length Transit you have. See chart below.

The roof rail kit is necessary to install this rack on your Transit

Transit 130” wheelbase takes a 10 foot long rack. (The height of the vehicle doesn’t matter in this case).

10 foot rack 629.00
rail kit
(83” long) 309.00

Transit 148” wheelbase takes a 12 foot long rack. (The height of the vehicle doesn’t matter in this case).

12 foot rack 645.00
rail kit (
103” long)  339.00

the Transit is shown in 130 inch wheelbase, and comes in low roof and mid roof heights Transit 148 inch wheelbase shown in the low, mid and high roof. The 148 inch Transit takes a 12 foot rack. Transit 148-EL extended length comes with high roof only. This Transit takes a 14 foot roof rack.

Transit 148-EL extended body takes a 14 foot long rack.

14 foot rack 689.00
rail kit
(120” long)  399.00

Transit rear door ladder in stainless steel installs with only 2 screws.

Getting a rack for your Transit? You’re going to want to see this video.