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Seat covers Save your seats with our Transit seat covers Ford Transit seat covers



The Transit seat covers slip right on your driver & passenger seats. Get protection on your new seats before they get beat-up by your hectic work environment. The heavy cotton fabric will give you years of service, and are washable to boot. Included in the kit are headrest covers and armrest covers, even though many Transits do not come with armrests from the factory. Because of this, the seat covers are shipped with the armrest hole covered, but can be made to fit with the armrests if they are present. The photos show a just-installed seat cover which is a bit wrinkled from shipping. In no time they flatten out nicely and accommodate themselves to the shape of the seat. There’s even a map pocket included on the back.

Available in your choice: of gray (shown) or charcoal
Covercraft brand Seat covers pair: $ 219.00  1121

Covercraft brand: Ranger Design brand: Transit van seat covers made by Ranger Design Transit seat covers by Ranger design Ranger Design seat covers for the Transit van

Ranger Design, famous for their line of aluminum shelving, has jumped into the protection game with their new line of seat covers for cargo vans. The fabric they use is a ballistic nylon type of material which should wear like iron under the demanding daily usage of your service vehicle. The package includes everything for the 2 front seats and their headrests. (Curiously, armrest covers aren't included).

Ranger Design brand seat covers pair:  239.00   (medium gray only)